Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well that's what happened to me for a while. Things in RL took a turn and I had to leave my guild and stop playing. So, now I'm back in game but have lost a lot of connections with people I used to play with, on top of that I had to start playing on a different account so I am taking the time now to re-gear my character.

Luckily I was able to name change back to Moonsinnah so Moon is back in action. It's going to take a lot of work and a lot of time to re-gear close to where Moon was 6 months ago even, but I think I will be able to do it before Cata.

I've also been playing Cata Beta a bit, and what I can say for now is, resto druids are a lot different so far. It's going to take a lot more for rejuv spammers to learn come Cataclysm, but it won't be too bad for versatile trees right now.

Anyway, I am alive. More updates to come in a bit.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who just got promoted to Raider in his new Guild? This guy!

Yes that's right I am now a Raider in my guild. I have been lucky enough to come to almost all of progression raids regardless so far, but it feels great to be appreciated and given a rank. It will be especially nice to be an equal on the DKP table, not to say I actually have the DKP to win items over people, but all in all it will be nice to no longer be referred to as an "app."

I have been having a great time in EL. We had one group get LK down in 10 man a week ago, and we have other groups working on him. We made some progress in 25man on LK, but have a ways to go still too.

I have been living for raiding lately, and any day I don't have a raid to look forward to has been pretty lame. And that in itself is lame. Lawl. I got my 4pc t10 and I will say free Rejuvenations, hasted or not hasted, are nice. They have been making up close to 4% of my total healing done. So free heals are always good IMHO. More to come later.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

New bosses, new beginnings!

That's right. That's Dreamwalker I'm looking at. I guess the first thing I should say is my former guild, Torment, has collapsed and is no more. After that happened I sought out a new home. I met some people in Exiled Legion, and they really peeked my interest in their guild. I applied to the guild and had the chance to run with them a bit lately.

Last night I was invited to the guild during a 10 ICC I was running with them. :) We sped through 10man ICC on mainly an alt run and got to Sindragosa with 20/20 attempts remaining. We made some great progress on Sindragosa but had to call it when myself and others had to go. I'm looking forward to running with the guild and hope I can show them what I can do during my probation period.

HASTE! I finally made it to my haste cap a few weeks ago and was able to drop all points in Celestial Focus and pick up 3/3 Revitalize. Well technically I'm 854 which is 2 short of my cap with raid buffs but shhhh! don't tell anyone. My druid has been performing really well and I'm excited about seeing and helping others see some new content! I am having an absolutely awesome time playing my druid lately.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday morning maintenance...

So, a month later from my last post... an update. We are making headway in 10 and 25 man ICC. We are working on Putricide in 10 man and working on Festergut in 25 man. We had some good attempts on Festergut last night, and I think we will have a kill tonight provided everything goes as expected.

I have dropped my "25 man" spec with 2 more points in Celestial Focus because in recent 25 man settings I have been tank healing with my 10 man/tank spec. I have picked up Boomkin again to have some fun with when I don't need to heal. I have regemmed and my haste is up to 745. I will be getting my gloves this week which will bring my haste closer to 825 I believe. Things are going well, and I am digging the patch thusfar. My rejuv is 12 seconds hasted, and down to 10 seconds with a Nature's Grace proc. This has been making it very powerful for tank healing, especially on a fight like Festergut where tanks are getting hit almost every second for a decent chunk of their HP.

I will try and stay more on top of the blog in the coming weeks, and hopefully will have some nice new killshots to put up!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

ICC update coming soon!

We've been busy at work in Icecrown since the patch hit so I will be getting some posts in soon on bosses, maybe some gear, and how my spec is working out in raid.

We made progress on Deathwhisper in 25 and I think that will be a kill next time. We have cleared the 4/4 that are up in 10 man for the second time this week. We have also been farming rep on trash to get some more of us our rings.

I will probably write a lengthy post during Tuesday maintenance so check back then!


Monday, December 7, 2009

If the patch goes live and comes up on Tuesday...

3.3 Raid Healing Spec and Glyphs

Ok so the spec I will be using for raid healing seems pretty straightforward. I will be using 18/0/53 as long as I have the 4pc T9 bonus. Once I lose that set bonus I will likely drop Natural Perfection and use this 18/0/53 spec, picking up Revitalize. I picked up 3/3 in Celestial Focus to get closer to our 856 soft haste cap. The glyphs I will be using will be Glyph of Wild Growth, Glyph of Swiftmend and probably still Glyph of Nourish for stronger tank spot heals when needed. The main focus of this spec is getting closer to the new soft haste cap to get our GCD back down when throwing out rejuvs on raid. It is certainly not as strong for tank healing, but provides more flexibility and brings back some raid utility once I pick up Revitalize again. Because my raid healing is much more ineffective while in my previously mentioned tank healing spec, this is the spec I will use unless I know I will be tank healing. Depending on how strong our healers are in ICC and what I end up focusing on, I might dual spec both of these talent trees so I can switch back and forth on a per-fight basis.

Word on the web is expect 3.3 to go live tomorrow. Here's hoping!